Hello Everybody!

Hello everybody,

finally I've found the time to update this website..
Today is a big day for me, my cd "Re-Evaluation Time" is just been released on a couple of websites: cd Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/ROBERTOBADOGLIO) and Abstract Logix(http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=24475).
In a close future it will be available on many other sites such as I tunes and Spice Rack Records, which is the website of the label of Steve Hunt who played Keyboards on Re-Evaluation Time and produced the cd.
I actually already have my page on his website:http://www.spicerackrecords.com/artist_rb.htm
My 2010 started with tons of things to do, not just all the stuff concerning the cd but also here in Berlin I'm involved in many interesting projects.
I'm proud to announce that I've found the right people for performing my music!! I'm talking about Bjossi Klutsch on guitar (www.myspace.com/bjoessimusic) and Francesco De Rubeis on drums(www.myspace.com/francescoderubeis).
Bjossi is an extraordinary musician, really sensitive and capable of playing some very crazy lines sounding always extremely fresh while Francesco is just the perfect drummer for the project, really dynamic and able to sustain the music with a lot of taste and feeling.
We organized 4 days of rehearsal in december and the music was really happening!
Besides my trio I'm also playing in many other different projects:
A duo with saxophonist Helmut "Musehold" Engel for example is one of those projects(www.engel-musehold.de).
Helmut is an incredible composer and player, ex member of the successful fusion band "the silent jazz ensemble" he's pushing me in finding many new chord-voicings and interesting ways to play and interact in a duo situation with Bass Guitar and Saxophone.(but he also plays bass flute, soprano and even bottles!!).
I'm really happy about how the things are going in this project and we have a lot of fun while we compose new tunes.
This duo started a compositional work on some Hani's tunes last autumn.
Hani is a well known kurdish singer who lives here in Berlin.
Our work consisted in composing and arranging some tunes based on some vocal tracks she recorded.At the end many good things came out from this and we had a lot of great moments during the creative process.
Another band I'm playing with is the "Soon Kim quartet".
Soon is a saxophonist (www.myspace.com/soonkimsoonkim) ex student of Ornette Coleman, he's an incredible "Harmolodic" player and playing with him is a big challenge for me as I have to admit I never played a lot of "Free Jazz" before.
In the band there's also another bass player on the upright and I'm really impressed about how well two walking bass line played contemporary in different keys sound powerful!
He's music really pushes everybody in giving the best all the time and on staying focused developing new good ideas extemporaneously and it is really great sharing the stage with this band.
Starting february 1 I will perform with Haymo Doerk at the Acud cafe' every second monday.We are the new band opening the Fusion Jam at the Acud.
This band is definitely fusion oriented, and Haymo(www.haymodoerk.de) is a great guitar player with a very modern sound(exactly how I like..).
This is another crazy project who mixes John Coltrane with Jimi Hendricks and everybody in the band is killing.Come and check it out!!
Today I've recorded a live performance for "Alex Tv"(a "berliner" local tv station) with the Terrence Bowry Band.
Terrence is a gifted canadian singer and this band is a mix of Funk-soul and Jazz.I started playing with them last spring and since than any show we did is been a success!
On stage, there's really great energy and a lot of improvisations which means a lot of fun for me and a lot of moments of interaction with the others members of the band.(www.myspace.com/terrenceabowry)This is a project where I can experiment some heavy groovy stuff which is always good.
Ok..last project here in Berlin is with the amazing Aly Keita who calls me often to substitute his current Bass Player.
Aly(www.myspace.com/alykeita) plays the belafon and his an awesome virtuoso of his instrument.The music is Afro Beat and it is really nice performing with him, he has a lot of charisma and he's really a sunny guy which is something he transmits in every notes he plays.
All right..that should be all about what I'm doing now musically...of course there's always new projects developing on the way but I will talk about that in a second moment.
I wish everybody a good 2010 and hey...if you didn't buy the cd yet..DO IT NOW!:)