Hello everybody! it´s been forever since i posted an update here.The reason it´s because in the last year I´ve been really busy recording 3 albums as a leader or co leader and several others things for other people.
There´s a band album which i recorded together with Steve Hunt on keys, Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar and Virgil Donati on drums, each one of us brought some compositions and it´s basically getting finally mixed now, then there´s my new solo album in trio with Marko Djordjevic and Bjoessi, also ready to get mixed soon, the new Silent Jazz Ensemble album (before it was Engel-Badoglio), already mastered and it will be released in I overcharged my self a lot, composing, producing, recording..etc..but It´s absolutely worth it.Im also working with my agent to organize some touring with my trio featuring Marko.Thanks to each one of you for your support, things gonna happen!