Skype Lessons, new recordings

Hi everybody,

I´m really exited about announcing that in the next months s will take care or recording, producing and releasing 3 new cd´s.
-A Re-Evaluation Time band cd, live in Italy from last year (ready pretty soon)
-A new Solo Album I ll record in trio with Bjoessi Kluetsch on Guitar and Marko Djordjevic on drums
-A new Re-Evaluation Time band studio Album.

I also started officially giving lessons via skype, I have just few students now (really good bassists actually) and it´s working pretty well, so If you are interested just drop me a line.

Other news...let´s see...oh..yeah..recently I´ve been to the London Bass Guitar Show as a Wood&Tronics artist ( and I had a lot of fun hanging around with the Wood&Tronics and "Bass Gear" team, played a little, met some new people, spent a fortune for a black coffee..;)Was cool anyway!
Now I´m back to the composing-organizing work and I can´t wait to release the new playing changed not just a little but since the old albums and I m really impatient about recording some new grooves and solos with this new concepts I have in my mind :)

Take Care and as always thanks for your support!

Roberto Badoglio