The new "Re-Evaluation Time Band" cd will be recorded next springtime

Hi Everybody!!

summer is been reallllly cool and intense, I´ve toured around Europe with the great fusion band from Israel "Resident of the future" and this just right after a short italian tour with my Re-Evaluation Time band.
Now I´m in the process of composing new material for an upcoming cd of the R.E.T.B and we will hit the studio during the next springtime.
The new line up is featuring Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar, Steve Hunt on keys, Benny Greb on drums and me on Bass of course.
I´m really excited about recording with these guys, and I believe it´s time for me to release new material as well.
If you are interested in watching some video clips of our recent tour in italy:

This year I have some plans also for the "ambient jazz" duo I have with Helmut Engel, the Engel-Badoglio duo, hopefully we will be able to record a cd.

As always, thanks to everybody who is supporting my carrier and my music, it´s becoming day after day more and more difficult to promote independent ...fusion, jazz rock, groovy it whatever you want ...kind of music,
getting gigs, touring´s really a mission, but hey...we will keep fighting, that´s for sure!!;)