"No doubt, Badoglio possesses a broad arsenal, and transmits a lyrical musical persona amid the hyper-mode, single note licks and complex, jazz guitar-like chord voicings.Moreover, the bassist's supersonic bass riffs are a wonder to behold, he's a formidable player who communicates warmth, sensitivity and an enviable technique."
Glenn Astarita, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"With an aptitude for dazzling improvisations and frilly accents, bassist Roberto Badoglio displays a vigorous mind and a manual dexterity that others aspire to achieve in his instrumentals. Re-Evaluation Time is a product of Badoglio’s creative talent and his propensity to convert rambling bass lines into a bouquet of fragrant colors. Both racy and melodic sounding , Re-Evaluation Time is excellent material for bass-driven material.
He treats the bass like it is as versatile as any other instrument in the band, and the bass responds to his ministrations."

" Badoglio follows with lines bursting with lyrical notes at speeds that could scare John Patitucci. And even if speed isn't your thing, his clear tone and rote free lines just might be."
Pico, one track mind SOMETHINGELSE.COM

"Badoglio knows all the right spots to hit with his playing.He’s bass work is a trip to hear, wringing the neck and fingering his way into patterns and time signatures unknown while creating something that sounds full, developed, and at times orchestral, ready made for a sound much better he himself me realize."

"Roberto Badoglio, is a young (born 1984) yet very skilled bassist as well as an awesome composer. With a combination of creative and advanced approach to grooving, striking harmonic sense, phenomenal technique, and a strong melodic attitude he is now making a name for himself in instrumental contemporary music. His complex, articulate playing requires a bass with uncompromising levels of responsiveness, and Roberto is the perfect tester when dynamic performance is first and foremost"(E.Pasini, owner of the basses company Wood&Tronics and Italian Bass player)

Roberto Badoglio was born on the 15 December 1984 in Trieste, Italy.
He started his musical education at the age of 7 with the study of the Piano at the local music school, and switched to Electric Bass at the age of 13.
When he was 14 he formed the progressive band Alteration and won a string of musical contest in italy such as Summer Music in 1998 , Rosa Rock in 1999 and Pagella Rock in 2001 .
Alteration had a great success in Italy and toured and played in all the country, for Roberto that was the beginning of his music carrier.
In 2001 he became more and more attracted to jazz and started to play in local jazz bands as the “Metropolitan Jazz Quartet" who had as members many of the best musicians of north Italy, “Horizont Line", the S.vito Jazz big Band and the extravagant Fusion trio “Low Kick" an original trio of two 5 stirng basses and drums with bass player Enrico Pasini and drummer Pablo De Biasi.
This last band is still being active, performing and organizing clinic about bass playing in all Europe .
In that period Roberto did some concerts in Marocco with local musicians, this was a really important experience to him because that’s the moment when Roberto got influenced from Morocco’s music and especially from Morocco lute players.
In 2003 Roberto became a student in the jazz academy of Trieste .
This school was a great opportunity to learn jazz harmony but it wasn’t really developed in the study of Electric Bass and modern jazz/Fusion music so Roberto decided to leave the school in 2005 and to move to Boston for one year to take an intensive course of Jazz lessons at the BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC.
Before moving to Boston Roberto took a 3 weeks course of private lessons with pioneers bassists Dominique Di Piazza in France and Matthew Garrison in New York, these experiences changed forever Roberto approach to Bass playing and is when he developed is original right hand four fingers technique, kind of a mix between Dominique and Matt techniques.
Also, in 2004, he won the bass competions of north Italy “ Bass contest" for 2 years in a row and he’s been a finalist in the first edition of the European Bass Day contest in Verona together with french bassist Hadrien Feraud.
In 2005, at Berklee, Roberto became a member of the jazz ensemble of the famous pianist Joanne Brackeen and of the George Zonce Ensemble.
He also formed the Fusion band “Odd Flow" with guitarist Hara Garacci . They recorded the album “Almost Even" and performed in many jazz clubs of the east coast .
In Boston he kept studying with bassist Matthew Garrison and he took many lessons with trombonist Hal Crook, learning a lot of things about modern jazz playing and phrasing.
He also studied bass Jazz comping with Bruce Gertz and took some private lessons in Ny with bass player Skuli Sverrison.In this period he had the chance of playing with many of the best musicians of the Boston area.
After one year in Boston Roberto had to move back to Italy because of a sever illness that took Roberto out of the music scene for a year.
In this period Roberto kept his mind focused on practicing what he learned in Berklee and started composing music for what will be his future solo album " RE-EVALUATION TIME".
In 2007 he was ready to start again, and after teaching modern bass playing in some clinics in Slovenia, Croatia and Malta he moved to NY city.
Before moving to NY city he was invited as a guest at the famous bass festival “European Bass Day" where he performed with his band and he had the honor of playing with Marcus Miller.
In this festival he shared the stage with many of the best bass players in the world (Matthew Garrison, Dominique di Piazza, Oteil Bourbridge, Marcus Miller, Jeff Berlin, Mirousla Vitous, Alain Cairon, Hadrien Feraud, Lincon Goines and others).
In NY city he started again to perform with the fusion band “Odd Flow" with Marko Djordjevic on drums and Hara Garacci on guitar and he became bassist for the avant Garde Pop artist Adama.
During this period he also started a long term musical collaboration with well known Fusion keyboardist and producer Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham) which led to Roberto´s first solo album “Re-Evaluation Time", published in 2010 under Steve´s record label “Spice Rack" and featuring Marty Richards and Pablo De Biasi on drums.
Re-Evaluation Time gained worldwide recognition, being top seller on the Jazz-Fusion online shop “Abstract Logix" it also entered the “top five" in many jazz-oriented music radio charts.
At the moment Roberto is living in Berlin, performing with several different projects like the “Silent Jazz Ensemble", “Engel-Badoglio duo", “Roy Louis band", “Andrea Marcelli quartet", “Resident of the Future" and many others.
Recently he started the International Fusion Beyond Turbines with world star drummer Virgil Donati, Steve Hunt on keys and Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar, the debut album it´s been released in november 2015. In the meanwhile he also recorded the cd of the new “Silent Jazz Ensemble" "Nightwalker" which he composed together with multi instrumentalist Helmut Engel-Musehold, released in 2014.
Today his main focus lies on the “Roberto Badoglio Trio" featuring Marko Djordjevic on drums and Bjoessi Kluetsch on guitar which offers a powerful and fresh combination of Modern Jazz, Drum&Bass, Rock and Grunge.This trio recorded the new album "Lapse of worry" featuring also saxophonist Seamus Blake, soon available for sale.